February 13, 2018

05.04.2018| ΜY TURN + Guests

ΜY TURN + Guests

Travelling around to play a show in the middle of nowhere with a shitty sound and a dubious feedback, reuniting with your old friends for a couple of hours, chilling out, meeting new people, spreading out ideas and music, eating junk and crashing at someone’s floor (that you may not know at all) at 4 o’clock in the morning, dirty and tired to death, waking up 6 hours later to start another trip to nowhere, shitfaced but positive…
That’s fucking hardcore / punk.
That’s MY TURN.

Formed in the summer of 2010, based in Greece.

October 2010 – Noble Intentions demo [CDR / tape, Night Owl X Records & World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records]
June 2012 – Athens LP / CD / tape [MT Records]
July 2013 – split 7″ with The Bridge [Goodwill Records]
December 2013 – Dead Weight 7″ [Scarecrow Records & Anchored Records]
July 2014 – The 7″s Collection CS [Liquid Bass Records & World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records]
summer 2017 – s/t LP [Backbite Records, Epidemic Records, World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records]

ex-members: M. – drums, F. – guitar, S. – bass, D. – bass, N. – bass, B. – bass, D. – drums

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