April 12, 2018



Στις 13 Μαίου ο σκληρός ήχος έχει την τιμητική του!
Speedblow, Ocean of Grief, One Of These Days, EDXKEMPER και Okwaho, συναντώνται για μία κολασμένη βραδιά, δίχως προηγούμενο! Ώδή στο Doom, Death, Thrash, Grind/deathcore & Sludge από πέντε οργιασμένες μπάντες της σκηνής μας! Οι ωτοασπίδες απαγορεύονται!
Damage 6 € – Έναρξη 19:30

Speedblow started out in 2009 playing their own interpretation of heavy metal with influences from the heavy rock and doom genres, with a strong presence of melody, harmony and rhythm.

The band’s first release came in August 2009 in the form of a self-titled promo EP. 500 pieces were printed on the bands expense and given away in live shows and to the press.
In September 2009 the band started working on its first full length album “Fields Of Doom” which was released in February 2010.The album included 11 brand new tracks and was released in both CD and Vinyl, again in the band’s expense via Trailblazer Records.
Many shows took place in Athens, Greece but also in the rest of the country with a few stand outs like the support acts to Truckfighters (SWE), Clutch (USA) and YEAR OF THE GOAT (SWE).

In May 2013, after a 2 year brake and some line-up changes, the band released the 2-track EP “Resurrection” and in March 2014 their second full length “Behold the Darkness”.

3 years later in October 2017 comes “When Giants Walked The Earth” the band’s third full album and more mature work so far.

Speedblow is a strongly motivated band that will continuously make music and support it in any way possible, even if it means relocating in another part of this world….or another.
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Ocean of Grief
Ocean of Grief was founded in 2014 when bassist Giannis(ex-Typhon) and guitarist Filippos(ex-Typhon) decided to form a band musically close to the melodic doom/death metal genre. The keyboards and guitar duties were handled by Aris(Meden Agan, ex-Memorain) and Panagiotis Kyriakou respectively, who also introduced Thomas to the band, as a drummer. The band’s line up was completed with the arrival of Charalabos on vocals and then the bands 1st song, Drowned in Nostalgia, was recorded at Panagiotis’ home studio as a demo. Following the song’s upload, Panagiotis had to leave the band in order to move permanently to Australia so a new guitarist needed to be found as soon as possible. Luckily, Dimitra (ex-Final Words Of Sorrow) auditioned for the band, she became a regular member and the band started working on its first official release. The EP “Fortress Of My Dark Self” was released on 2016 by GS Productions and it was followed by the self-released single “After a Long Time”. At the time the band is signed to Naturmacht Productions/Rain Without End Records for the release of their debut full length album.

One Of These Days
One Of These Days is a grindcore, deathcore band formed in Athens in 2009 by John Fill (guitars) and John Agkor (guitars). After a long time searching, the members are, John H. (voice), Philip F. (drums) and Manos M. (bass) who joined the band until today.

After a live recording rehearsal held in early 2010 in Underground Studios and after several lives, the band decided to record their first Promo EP in 2012 entitled No Heaven For The Cursed order to present a professional and serious work in public.
The recording of the drums held at Underground Studios by Jim Kats, while guitars, bass and vocals were recorded in the John Fill’s personal studio, who also took over the mixing and the mastering.
In 2016 One Of These Days returned in the extreme scene of their self-title debut album, «One Of These Days».
The concept of the album is based on social issues which we know and face with, in our every day life. The artwork was curated by Giannis Nakos (Mortal Torment) (Remedy Art Design), the drums were written in DevaSoundz Studios by Fotis Bernado (ex Septic Flesh), the guitars, bass and voices were written by John Fill in JF Studios and the mastering by Acley Kahney, guitarist of Tesseract.

Οι One Of These Days είναι μια grindcore ,deathcore μπάντα που σχηματίστηκε στην Αθήνα το 2009 από τον John Fill (κιθάρες) και τον John Agkor (κιθάρες). Μετά από μακροχρόνια αναζήτηση μελών, ο John H. (φωνή), όπως ο Philip F. (τύμπανα) και ο Manos M. (μπάσο) έγιναν μέλη της μπάντας και εως και σήμερα παραμενουν ως ενεργα μελη.

Μετά από μια ζωντανή ηχογράφηση πρόβας που πραγματοποιήθηκε στις αρχές του 2010 στα Underground Studios και μετά από αρκετά live, η μπάντα αποφασίζει να ηχογραφήσει το πρώτο της Promo EP το 2012 με τιτλο No Heaven For The Cursed ώστε να παρουσιάσει μια πιο επαγγελματική και σοβαρή δουλειά στο ευρύ κοινό.
Η ηχογράφηση των ντραμς πραγματοποιήθηκε στα Underground Studios από τον Jim Kats, ενώ οι κιθάρες, το μπάσο και τα φωνητικά ηχογραφήθηκαν στο προσωπικό στούντιο του John Fill, ο οποίος επίσης ανέλαβε τη μίξη και το mastering.
Το 2016 οι One Of These Days επιστρεφουν στην ακραια σκηνη με το ομώνυμο album τους « One Of These Days».
Η θεματολογια του αλπμουμ (concept) βασιζεται σε θεματα κοινωνικα τα οποια γνωριζουμε και αντιμετωπιζουμε καθημερινα. To artwork επιμεληθηκε ο Giannis Nakos (Mortal Torment) ( Remedy Art Design) ,τα τύμπανα γράφτηκαν στα DevaSoundz Studios από το Φώτη Bernado (ex Septic Flesh),οι κιθαρες, το μπάσσο και οι φωνες γράφτηκαν από το John Fill στα JF Studios και το mastering το ανέλαβε ο Acley Kahney, κιθαρίστας των Tesseract.

Doom sludge stoner

5-piece Grindcore band from Athens,Greece