December 4, 2018

16.02.2019| Vive Le Punk Rock Vol.6 – DAY 2: The Baboon Show, Mau-Maus, Septic Psychos, SYSTEMIK VIØLENCE, Junkheart, Krotalias

Vive Le Punk Rock – Festival In Athens

the 6th edition is happening on February 15th & 16th 2019

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Peter And The Test Tube Babies (UK Punk Rock legends since ’78)

CONFLICT ( Finest UK Anarchopunk since 1981 )

Mau-Maus ( UK ’82 – back after 34 years )

Septic Psychos ( UK Punk since 1979 )

The Baboon Show – Official ( Punk Rock from Sweden)

SYSTEMIK VIØLENCE (Raw Hardcore Punk from Lisbon, Portugal)

Disturbance (Street Punk 77-82 from Rotterdamned, Holland)

Missbrauch (Deutschpunk from Munich, Germany)

Junkheart (Punk Rock from Athens, Greece)

The Vagabonds 77 (Oi! – Punk from Athens, Greece)

Injustice X Squad ( Hardcore Punk from Athens, Greece )

Krotalias ( Desert Punk from Athens, Greece)

More info tba soon, so stay tuned.

77-82 Punk Rock Team