December 26, 2017

24.02.2018| The Kustoms + more

The Kustoms started as an “all star” Rockabilly band consisted of members from well known Rock ‘n’ Roll Greek bands. They have toured two times along Greece with the great performer “Sue Moreno” and they also have recorded an (unreleased) album with her. Though the line up was always a surprise, now they became a steady quartet :

Shockin’ Steve (Τhe Bullets, The Shockin’s) – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

Miltos Veloukas (Full Houze) – Electric Guitar

Giorgos Georgiou (Johnny Rumble & the Law 4000, The Shockin’s) – Double Bass

Kostas Chalkias (Τhe Bullets, The Shockin’s) – Drums

That’s all for now, the future is unwritten…

more infos soon….