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Generation of Guts Fest Vol. 2 is happening, the 26th of January at AN club. Wear your favorite bands T-Shirt and join the celebration along with:

- Deathcrop Valley
...I cover my traces sweep the blood of my face and I smile while I enter the endless tomorrow -days to come

- Routes of Neptune
...Im breaking this settlement Right on this crossroad that I had lost my soul -crossroad

- Dead South Dealers
...A step through the door, a light shines away What have I done? Forgive me... -note to self

- Sun, rain in life
Lock the doors I hide the key, the enemy is inside of me -searching the liar

- Vegan Mosquitoes
...I just want to feel complete, find my lifes missing piece, I just want to feel complete, I just want to feel... -incomplete

- Devil Flower Mantis
...So please dont waste my time, dont try to mess with my mind, my life already is in a fight -endless

We thought posting these lyrics as a tribute to the bands that participate in this years Generation of Guts!
Tango With Lions (The Light - Release live show) at AN club!
Η Kat (Κατερίνα Παπαχρήστου) επιστρέφει με τους Tango with Lions (band), έπειτα από μακρόχρονη δημιουργική απουσία, με το πολυαναμενόμενο νέο τους album, “The Light”! (Κυκλοφορεί σε βινύλιο, cd και digital album από την Inner Ear Records)
Την συναυλία ανοίγει ο Octave Lissner!
Rollin Dice - Live at An Club/ S.Guests: Narcosis, Honeybadger!